Upcoming Interior Trends 2022

Interiors, Trends — 17.02.22

It’s not so much out with the old and in with the new this year, rather a continuation of the theme of our homes as natural and cocoon like safe spaces. Even if after 2 years of restrictions we are desperately wanting to adventure out. Hopefully, we can now find a balance on our own terms.

As such, the 2022 trends build on the importance of well-being, materials inspired by nature and must have stylistic decorative statement pieces.

Biophilia – Bringing The Outside In

House plants have always had a place in the home, but the pandemic years have doubled down on the importance of bring the outside in. Giant branches, trees & living walls increase your connection to nature and breathe new life into the space.

Plants in particular “promote emotional, physical and mental health benefits, including air purification, boosting productivity and reducing stress” according to Beth Chapman, founder of Leaf Envy.

Curved Shapes – Sculptural Furniture & Accessories
This well-rounded trend of spherical oval furniture and lighting has gone full circle. Initially popular in the 1950’s, soft waves and curves compliment the fixed nature of geometric lines and are back to soften our schemes. Furniture clad in natural honed marbles give a warm minimalism to any scheme.

Can furniture be both elegant and substantial? You may assume these two elements juxtapose, though it describes the revivalist sculptural furniture trend perfectly, as shown in the cloud-like upholstered pieces below.

Not convinced and wanting to steer clear of this curvaceous trend in your statement pieces? Rugs and mirrors which display curved features or arches are also bang on trend.

Statement Lighting
Continuing the paradigm shift from downlights, feature lighting can be strategically placed in hallways, dining or entertaining areas, often fashioning a focal point to a scheme and adding personality and richness to the home.

Books Are Back On The Shelf
The presence of books evokes refuge, relaxation and escapism, not only from the world but also from the tech that pervades our daily life. Physical books are a tenable lifeline to simpler times.

Whether you like to stack, shelve or partially conceal your collection, integrating your novels and hardbacks into your space can enhance the character and personality of each room, often introducing a mix and match of colour.

Maximalism – The Bolder the Better
The mandatory restraint to remain inside has given many of us the confidence to become more adventurous. Maximalism is just that and in the wise words of Frieda Gormley of House of Hackney, “it celebrates a freedom of self-expression and the joy of an interior filled with colour, pattern and life.”

The layering of opposing colours, patterns and textures is in part in reaction to the predominant trends of the prevailing years which were heavily influenced by minimalism. This daring strategy to be bold in your approach to your decor encourages the importance of a vibrant home. Even if just for a statement piece. Go on treat yourself, it is a new year after all!