Beyond the Bathroom: Elevating Living Spaces with Tiles

Inspiration, Interiors — 25.01.24

Tiles have been a staple in bathrooms and kitchens for many years, and they have been used on floors, walls and even ceilings to enhance functionality. They are known for creating a waterproof space that’s easy to maintain as well as adding a splash of colour and texture to a room’s decor. When other wall coverings like wallpaper aren’t suitable, tiles are a great alternative to explore.

However, tiles aren’t limited to these conventional spaces and they can be used in unexpected areas throughout the home. Today, interior design experts are exploring the potential of tiles to elevate other living spaces. Below we have delved into the benefits of tiles and how you can utilise them to reimage different rooms, elevating your interior decor.


Exploring the Versatility of Tiles

Tiles are no longer limited to functional roles in bathrooms and kitchens, they’ve emerged as stylish decor features in modern homes. Today’s homeowners are rethinking their interior design with tiles, creating captivating spaces that reflect their individuality, style and taste. Here’s why tiles are such a great decor option for house renovations:

  • Types of Tiles – Whether it’s large format tiles, mosaic tiles or chevron tiles, there’s a solution for every style. You can install them in an array of places and patterns too, transforming your interior design and making a real statement.
  • Material Options – From ceramic and porcelain to glass, marble and other natural stones, tiles are available in a plethora of materials to suit any design and build project. You can mix and match materials throughout your home to meet various needs.
  • Colours, Patterns and Finishes – When it comes to tiles, there are numerous colours, patterns and finishes to choose from. There is a design for absolutely everyone, regardless of personal preference or property type.
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Highlighting the Practical Benefits of Tiles

Beyond their aesthetics, tiles offer some compelling practical benefits. When compared to other wall coverings and flooring options, tiles are suitable for the busiest and messiest rooms in the home for reasons such as:

  • Durability – While some materials are more durable than others, the vast majority of tiles can withstand heavy foot traffic as well as general wear and tear. They are a long-lasting solution and won’t be easily damaged.
  • Low Maintenance – Due to the way they’re finished, most tiles are easy to clean and often stain-resistant. They are perfect for the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and will continue to look their best for years to come.

While tiles are undoubtedly a hard-wearing solution, achieving a flawless finish often requires professional installation. They are more difficult than other alternatives to install and need to be carefully fixed to the wall, floor or ceiling to ensure you reap their benefits. Even if you have DIY experience, getting professional assistance with tile projects is best.

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Using Tiles Throughout the Home

Tiles remain popular in kitchens and bathrooms, but they can also be an inspiring addition to various other areas of the home. When planning renovations and designing your rooms, you could incorporate tiles into;

Living Rooms

Interior designers are starting to use tiles in living rooms. From accent walls that serve as visual focal points to whole wall installations for a uniform look, tiles are transforming main living spaces. Instead of traditional hardwood flooring or carpet, tiles are even being installed on the floors throughout living areas too. An easy way to introduce tiles into your living room is within a fireplace. Whether you want to create a traditional or contemporary look, tiles can transform your fireplace into an elegant feature. Design and build companies are turning to these innovative applications to redefine modern living.


Bedrooms are personal sanctuaries where you can relax at the end of a busy day and tiles are adding a new dimension to their interior decor. Consider the unique option of a tiled headboard to turn your bed into an eye-catching centrepiece or incorporate tiles into furniture like bedside tables to elevate their design. These out-of-the-box applications are more than just design statements, they put a modern twist on traditional sleeping spaces, ensuring that your bedroom is anything but ordinary. With so many tile designs to choose from, you can find the ideal colour, pattern and finish for your bedroom’s interior design.

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Dining and Entertaining Spaces

The dining room is a space where functionality meets style, and tiles play a vital role in merging these two elements. From tiled table tops to artistic feature walls, you can use tiles throughout your dining room to elevate the interior design. In any entertaining space, floor tiles are always an excellent choice due to their practicality too. You can host guests and enjoy gatherings without concerns about the flooring getting stained or damaged, and create a welcoming space that you love spending time in with family and friends.


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Offices and Workspaces

With the rise of remote working, many modern homes now have dedicated workspaces. However, not everyone has a spare room that can be transformed into an office. Tiles can be used to define workspaces in bigger rooms and act as subtle room dividers in an open-plan space. To increase productivity and creativity, pieces of tiled art can also be created for workspaces and add some personality to this functional room. Tile backsplashes aren’t just for kitchens either and you can elevate a desk by installing a vibrant, patterned backsplash. Tiles are redefining how people perceive home office spaces.

Outdoor Spaces and Patios

Outdoor patios and gardens are extensions of your home, and tiles can be used to bridge the gap between indoors and outdoors with style and practicality. The all-year-round solution of floor tiles will enable you to make the most of your outdoor space come rain or shine. You can elegantly connect different areas of the gardens with tiled walkways too, making it easy to move around the space and use the whole of your outdoor area. The visual interest that statement tiled walls can add to your patio space will create an inviting environment that will continue to look its best whatever the weather.

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Searching for Design and Build Companies in London?

There are endless possibilities when it comes to using tiles in modern homes. They are not only functional and practical but also stylish and adaptable to your unique needs. Whether you’re planning a new-build home or renovating an existing space, tiles should be a consideration during any design and build project in London. Speaking to an expert can help you navigate the vast world of tiles, deciding where’s best to use them and how to integrate them seamlessly into your living space. So, contact our team at Zulufish today.

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