The Foundational Journey of Zulufish with Felix and Caroline Milns

Inspiration — 21.03.24

Caroline and Felix Milns, the visionaries behind Zulufish, started their journey in a modest one-bedroom apartment in Streatham and spotted an untapped market opportunity. Bridging Caroline’s design savvy with Felix’s architectural knowledge, they launched Zulufish in 2005, growing it into a multi-award-winning interior design consultancy, architectural practice and design & build specialist.


Their 25 years in design and construction are marked by an unwavering commitment to creating exceptional living spaces. Caroline’s design journey, influenced by global travels and a keen eye for textiles, pairs with Felix’s hands-on approach, honed through a journalism career that transitioned into design and build.

Together, they’ve propelled Zulufish to the forefront of the industry, ensuring that each project is as unique as their clients’ lives.

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