Fireplaces & Surrounds For Inviting Interiors

Inspiration — 09.10.20

Fireplaces have traditionally been seen as the heart of the home where family and guests gather for warmth and light.  Nowadays, the traditional fire surround is still a fundamental aspect of a room, but more for their decorative attributes and grandeur.

There are many different types of fires and surrounds now on the market.  With there now being such a large variety on the market to choose from, a fire shouldn’t need to be compromised because of lack of space, chimney or flue.

The Wood Burner

The classic wood burner. Beautiful and great for small chimneys, the wood burner will bring an aspect of homeliness and cosiness to your space.  With many varieties of the wood burner now on the market, if you would prefer a contemporary look over the traditional, that is not a problem, all finished in varying finishes and colours. Good extraction and a yearly maintenance clean is required. Also available as a gas version.

Gas Fire

Gas fires are generally the choice of fire if a chimney and flue are already in place.  Fast and easy heat output, a gas fire can be installed in open fireplaces, fire baskets, or an inserted mount opening. With minimal cleaning required they are a great choice if requesting low maintenance. Burning natural gas or propane, the emissions of a gas fire are very low, around a third of the CO2 emissions that a wood stove, so surprisingly gas fires are also more environmentally friendly.

Image Source Kalfire

Electric Fire

If your property doesn’t run off gas, electric fires are a choice for you. In addition, if your property doesn’t have a chimney or a flue but you would still like the ambiance of a burning fire in your home, electric fires are a choice for you.  Electric fires do not hold a real flame, it is an illusion.  However, the products on the market now are very realistic.  Heating systems can be included into the electric fire to produce a lovely heat as well. Electric fires are enclosed in a glass screen unlike gas fires which can be left open.

Bio Ethanol

The new product on the market, bio ethanol fireplaces are great if like electric you don’t have a chimney, flue or gas supply.  Bio ethanol fires do not require any more ventilation than an air to the room once every while.  In addition, the gas can be refilled via a fueling pump that requires very little space.  A bio ethanol fire can either be open or if placing in joinery, boxed in with no restrictions on materials used around it.  Heat is produced from bio ethanol fires and the overall look is very sleek and contemporary.

Image Source Jamb.

Solid Fuel

Solid fuel fires beautifully bring the sentimental aspect of a real fire into the home. Wood and other forms of solid fuel such as charcoal, peat and coal is burned efficiently and economically. Please do note however, that in London only smokeless fuels can be burnt. Wood burners are different and are allowed if they are DEFRA approved.


When it comes to choosing your fire surround, you still want the space to look finished and beautiful even when the fire is not burning.




Marble surrounds are stunning room centrepieces.  A statuary white marble surround will have none or very little veining whereas a Carrera marble holds soft grey undertones.  The option to go for a statement marble and choose a colour that will hold an impact is also very prevalent


More cost effective than marble, limestone is a popular choice for fireplace surrounds. Easy to manipulate and carve beautiful designs into, limestone is a great material to choose. Soft white with cream undertones it is also a colour that works with lots of interiors.


Pine, oak, mahogany, wooden fireplace surrounds are very beautiful.  With their natural wooden grains and indentations wood warms up the room, making the space cosy and homely.  Left untreated or polished with a shine, the look is lovely.




Adding a vintage twist, a metal fire surround looks stunning and will add flare and glamour to your space. Here, a distressed metal surround was used warming the space up and adding another depth to the room.

Bespoke Joinery

It can be really lovely to make a feature of the wall that you are placing your fireplace on. Whether that is panelling, or a concrete metal effect, or adding bookshelves and antique mirror backs, it completes the room and adds excitement.

Double Sided Fireplace

If you have the space, placing a fire between two sectional living spaces can be really beautiful. Here, separated by crittall doors, the look is elegant and allows two spaces to benefit from a roaring fire. While also letting light flood through the rooms.



Concrete Effect

Keeping the wall simple and minimal is preferred by some clients and this is also very stunning and beautiful.  With a sleek, long horizontal fire below a simple polished plaster wall, the effect is beautiful because of its simplicity.

Contemporary Hanging Fireplace

A floating fireplace will enhance your living space, radiating heat 360° around the hearth, allowing you to benefit from the warmth from every angle of the room.