Art Sourcing; Tips For Sourcing & Styling Art For Your Home

Interiors — 31.03.21

While books, ornaments and furniture always add warmth and personality to a home, adding art brings atmosphere, colour, texture and above all creates a story. Art is very subjective and everyone’s taste is different but this is what makes art so unique and so special. Art work can either add to the mood and colour scheme of the room or sometimes be the starting point of the entire scheme.

So, how do you go about collecting art and making your very own collection? It can be rather daunting to start with, but you will quickly find you are drawn to specific mediums and artists.

By visiting art galleries and museums you will be able to see an abundant amount of art from all eras, and you will be drawn to specific styles. Art fairs like ‘The Affordable Art Fair’ are also great for researching your own style. These will then lead you on to other smaller galleries where you can start building up you own collection. The other areas to look are online at places like or

Art from Jessica Zoob

If you are uncertain, start off with smaller, less expensive purchases. Starting with a small selection you’ll be able to see what you are more drawn to, whether that is paint, ceramics, sculpture or textiles.

Building an art collection is something best created over time. Like fashion, you may also find your style in art evolves over time.

It is always visually effective with an art collection to bring differing pieces together. Placing contrasting items of size, colour and medium together creates a successful contrast in a room adding depth and dimension to your walls.

Flea markets and antique stores are great places to find unique pieces.

Art is not about following a trend, it is individual to you. Trust your instincts and go with what makes you happy.

When it comes to presenting your collection in your home, there are many options.  Framing your artwork is paramount. A frame can make or break your painting so investing in a good framer is often the best way forward. Custom framing can be expensive so keep that in mind.

Custom Framing Recommendation: Project Framing

The picture wall is very on trend and if you like this look it works well with different sizes and art medias hung at different levels.  Map out your picture wall before putting nails in the wall. You can cut out the sizes of your art pieces on paper and stick them up in different configurations to map out the composition.

Art from Juliana Loveday

When it comes to choosing art for interiors, too often artwork is treated as an afterthought. When chosen thoughtfully, art has the ability to transform a space and infuse it with personality.

Art is fast becoming recognised as an essential and leading component of a modern home. If you speak to any interior designer about the importance of art in the home, you’ll be met with a resounding excitement about the inspiration it provides, the way it lifts a space, or the joy that comes with sourcing works.