The Versatility of Glass in Modern Home Design

Architecture, Inspiration, Interiors — 20.06.24

Glass has been a pivotal element in architecture and interior design for centuries, evolving from simple windows to sophisticated features that transform spaces. In 2024, glass remains a popular choice for homeowners looking to enhance their interiors with light, elegance, and versatility.

The Timeless Beauty of Critall Doors

Dating back to the middle of the 1800s, Crittal doors with their metal frame finish are a timeless addition to any interior. Despite their age and history, they deliver a contemporary, sleek finish.

External Doors

As external doors, Crittall doors offer a seamless connection between the interior and exterior, providing a welcome biophilic feel. The greenery of the garden becomes part of the internal decoration, creating a natural extension of your living space.

Internal Partition Walls

As internal partition walls, Crittall doors open up different rooms and create a feeling of flow and light across the overall layout. The black frame is a timeless touch that works in harmony with a broad colour palette, adding a graphic element and structured framework.


Maximising Light

“Glass is an excellent way to maximise light in a home, particularly the use of glass doors in place of more traditional wooden doors, allowing natural light to flood through and sightlines to be opened up, giving a greater sense of height and space. Glass is also immensely practical, being both durable and easily cleaned. It can bring a modern and timeless feel to a room.” – Caroline Milns, Head of Interior Design

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Incorporating Glass into Interior Design

In addition to larger expanses of glass such as Crittal, glass can be introduced into furniture pieces to bring an array of interesting decorative finishes, as well as deliver various functional benefits.

Cupboard Doors

The use of glass framed within cupboard doors can be a solution to breaking the more solid feel of wood, which can be rather bulky, especially when looking at a line of kitchen wall units. Adding a fluted finish will give the suggestion of items behind while still allowing items to remain neatly concealed. This is particularly effective in kitchens where the practicality of being easily cleaned is a significant advantage.


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Display Pieces

Glass is also a wonderful way to upscale a more traditional piece of furniture, transforming it into a display showpiece for favourite and treasured items, such as shoes or jewelry.

Enhancing Connectivity with Glass

Glass can be used to replace traditional doors as well as in place of walls, allowing natural light into spaces that would otherwise be darker and giving a visual connection into other rooms. This can create a feeling of connectivity between rooms and entire floors, uniting everyone in the home while still offering the flexibility of separate, designated rooms that each have their own clear purpose.

Smart Glass Country

Trending Glass Applications in 2024

Smart Glass Technology

One of the most exciting trends in architecture and interior design for 2024 is the use of smart glass. This technology allows glass to switch between transparent and opaque states with the flick of a switch. It’s perfect for maintaining privacy while still allowing natural light to flood a space. Smart glass can be used in bathrooms, conference rooms, or any area where you might want the option of privacy on demand.

Sustainable Glass Solutions

Sustainability continues to be a key focus in interior design. Recycled glass is becoming a popular material for countertops, backsplashes, and even flooring. This eco-friendly option not only reduces waste but also creates unique, beautiful surfaces that add character to any room.



Textured and Coloured Glass

Textured and coloured glass are making a strong comeback. From frosted and etched glass to tinted and stained options, these varieties can add depth, colour, and personality to your space. Use textured glass for bathroom enclosures or coloured glass for striking kitchen backsplashes.

Glass Staircases and Balustrades

For a truly modern and luxurious feel in your design and build projects, consider incorporating glass staircases and balustrades into your home. These elements create an open, airy feel and allow light to flow through spaces that might otherwise be dark and confined. They can be a stunning focal point in any home.


Whether through the use of Crittall doors, glass furniture, or partitions, glass remains a versatile and timeless choice in modern architecture and interior design.

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