Partitions & Doors: Separating Spaces

Inspiration — 04.09.20

When it comes to separating rooms and spaces, there are many ways to separate spaces, functional and stylish, minimal or as a feature. Relax and let us walk you through the possibilities.

Crittall Doors

Crittall style is nothing new, steel-framed windows were first created in 1860, however Crittall’s popularity has risen dramatically in the last few years with no sign of slowing down.



Crittall style doors allow you to cleverly partition open areas to create different zones, without compromising on light or space. Now they are used as an on trend industrial contrast in traditional period properties, or in contemporary homes adding contrast and interest to the space.

The black metal rim contrasts with the glass beautifully and there are many different Crittall designs available on the market to choose from.



Glass Glazed Doors

If you prefer the more minimalist look but still want to create separation between zones, having a simple glass glazed door with a fine frame & minimal handle is a contemporary elegant way to separate spaces.

The look is beautiful & minimal due to its simplicity and is a great alternative to keeping the space entirely open.




Pivot Doors

If you want to create large scale drama and something original in your space, a pivot door could be the answer.

A large opening is required, and it is more suited to clients who do not have young children. The effect is striking and theatrical.



Sliding Doors

Create some interest by placing your door on an exposed slide and track.

Often used in country houses with barn style doors, a flat panelled door on a track will work just as well in a more contemporary property.



Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are great for small rooms where the addition of a hinged door would compromise the space. This is great for areas like powder rooms or utility rooms where one needs to use the entire square footage available.

Pocket doors are also popular in larger rooms where the door is often left completely open, to reveal more of an entranceway. However, it still gives you the option the close off the space if needed.




French Double Doors

To create an architectural feature and open the space, a set of panelled timber or glazed timber framed double French doors are a fantastic choice.

Left open the majority of the time to become a feature, plus giving flexibility to close the space off they are a more timeless classic in their interior design style.


Timber Doors With Mouldings Or Panelling 

Classic timber doors are used historically throughout all period properties, the design choices are vast and can be specified to suit any scheme.

Beautiful mouldings can be indented into timber doors or planted on the surface. Panelled doors can be simple in style or have more complex design. They can also be left in their natural wood state or painted a colour to compliment the architraves and skirting.





Great for timeless lofty spaces, archways are perfect for creating a picturesque view into another room.

They open up the space and are a good open plan alternative to doors. Why not think about arches instead of the generic rectangular opening to create a graceful opening.



Hidden Entrances

Hidden entranceways are a fun way to add some drama and mystique to your home.

Doors disguised behind bookcases, mirror walls or large canvases are features that both children and adults will enjoy.

Used in small passageways or games rooms and playrooms, a hidden entrance reveal will never fail to excite.