Layered Luxe: Mastering Textured Interiors

Inspiration, Interiors — 20.11.23

Colour is the first thing the eye notices when entering a room, it is impactful and provokes a visceral reaction with each  of us having a very personal and subjective opinion. Yet, alongside colour lies another layer within interior design, equally impactful but in a subtler, more serene manner.


This layer is texture and materiality. Unlike colour, which strikes boldly, texture works quietly, building character and depth in a space. It is the tactile element that adds richness and comfort to our surroundings.


Texture manifests in various forms, each contributing a different sensation, from grasscloth walls to hand knotted rugs, boucle upholstery to linen curtains, silk
bedlinen to tasselled, embroidered cushions, marble surfaces to ceramic and tile.

It is the combination and contrast of these different elements that imbue an interior with life. When blended together, they tell a story that goes beyond mere visual appeal, creating a narrative of textures that are to be felt as much as seen. Combining and contrasting these elements is a powerful way to finish a room, ensuring a richly layered ambience. The interplay of textures can define spaces, highlighting areas of interest, and bringing balance to an interior scheme.

Caroline Milns, Head of Interior Design at Zulufish, eloquently captures the essence of textured interiors: “Texture is all about creating definition in a space, and delivering an engaging, tactile feel, which draws you into the room, inviting you to experience each of the considered moments through the various textures and materials.”

There are many ways to introduce different textures, for example, in a bedroom choosing a grasscloth wallpaper is an excellent way to instantly evoke a sense of warmth and cosiness, and adding a chunky throw with soft linen bedding and a wool rug on the floor will continue that awareness of different sensory experiences.

The living room, often a hub of activity and relaxation, calls for a diversity of textures to match its multifaceted purpose. Here, the inherent detail brought forth by textured upholstery in linen, velvet, or wool creates a landscape rich in detail—from the gleam of a lustrous, smooth surface to the comforting solidity of matt, chunky textures.

It is not only through furnishings that texture tells its story but through the personal items we choose to display. Books with embossed covers, glazed ceramics, and textured artworks add layers of visual interest and depth, infusing the space with our personality and narratives.



“The kitchen is an area that perhaps benefits most from a combination of different materials, ensuring this, the most functional room in the home, remains warm and welcoming from the cool and seamless finish of marble, tile and glass to the textural feel of brickwork, wood and natural materials.” Caroline says.

In essence, texture in interior design is a language of its own, a subtle yet profound means of communication that imbues every corner with life. At Zulufish, we believe that it is these many points of interest and detail that tell a complete story within an interior.

Our dedicated interior design team, guided by the experienced eye of Caroline Milns, is here to transform your space with layers of luxury and comfort. Get in touch today with us today for a bespoke consultation.