Distinct & Interesting Wall Finishes To Use In Your Home

Inspiration — 30.04.21

With the interiors industry and design savvy clients increasing their awareness for more environmentally friendly products, there are some new innovative wall finishes that have come onto the market with great success. Her we have paired these with some more established wall finishes we still love today, for a selection of finishes that are more adventurous than the standard wallpaper-paint job.

Micro Cement

Like regular cement, micro cement is stronger and more durable due to its mixture of cement, fine aggregates, polymers, and waterproof sealant making it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.  It is advised to make sure that the underlayer is secure and stable to avoid any cracks occurring once laid.

Clay Plaster

Clay plaster is becoming a very popular wall finish due to its environmental savings of using readily available natural materials and mineral pigments. No synthetics, toxins, glues or paints are used and the product also comes in an abundant range of colours. This makes it safe for children and experts applying the material.  In addition, its high ability to absorb excess moisture means it is a great material for bathrooms (but should not be in contact with direct running water). The beauty of plaster brings an artistic quality to the walls, full of depth and texture.


Limewash is an exciting new innovative paint, free of any synthetic chemicals and made with natural clay, materials and pigments.  Reminiscent of walls in European cities like Spain and Italy, the paint is made for surfaces like render, cement and bricks. If you are using the paint on walls that are already painted with conventional paints, the limewash is not scrubbable and not as durable. It is advised that the walls are sanded and primed before being applied by an expert as there is a certain technique to this application.


Tadelakt has been around for thousands of years in Morocco and remains as popular as ever in the interior design industry. Plaster made with hydraulic lime and sealed with olive soap, the result is a smooth, water and mould resistant finish. The material is great for bathrooms, wet rooms, kitchens and splashbacks.  It is however prone to stains and is advised to not be used on horizontal surfaces where oil based products and the like are placed.

Polished Plaster

Polished plaster is used on walls to give a beautifully natural stone-like finish. The finish can be smooth or textured but the effect makes the wall appear more three dimensional and not as flat adding interest to your room in a very subtle way.  Polished plaster can soften a space or make the room feel more dramatic and atmospheric depending on the shade and finish of choice.


A very durable and low maintenance wall finish, resin walls are completely seamless and there is no danger in bacteria harbouring in any seams or joins.  Highly durable, resin can withstand daily use and be used in any room in the home including wet rooms and kitchen splashbacks.


Mirrored walls are very on trend right now.  Mirror an entire wall or the back of units or alcove spaces. A mirrored backdrop adds depth and light to the space. Coming in many different finishes and colours, a distressed mirror finish can look glamorous bouncing light reflection around the room.


One way to spruce up your space is to panel the walls in a 3D wood design. This can be done inexpensively depending on the size of your room, the pattern you desire and the material you choose to use.  MDF, for example, is very cost effective and can be painted to your chosen colour.  If you would prefer a natural wood, this will be more costly, but there are many choices at different price ranges to choose from; from veneer to ply to Xylocleaf.

Exposed Brick

Exposed brick walls celebrate the foundations of a property while also being very stylish, urban and characterful. Exposed brick can be obtained either by stripping back the layers on the wall and revealing the original brick, mainly possible in older style properties. Alternatively, brick slips can be used to create this effect, by reclaiming bricks and reusing old materials. A sealant is advised as bricks are porous and dirt and moisture should be kept at bay to avoid mould.

Plaster Moulding

Traditional plaster panelling can be used on both walls and ceilings to create large scales designs to coffer ceilings. From Art Deco, to Victorian, Georgian and Neo-classical, plaster panelling can emphasise the true nature and heritage of a building. This can also come in the form of dado rails and cornices.

Fabric Covered Walls

Covering walls with fabric adds warmth and a chic, cosy texture you can’t get with paint or wallpaper. It’s also great for sound dampening and covering less than perfect walls. For bedrooms, libraries and media rooms, upholstered walls feel as good as they look. FabriTrak is extensively used for upholstered wall designs to create unique design solutions for padded walls, feature walls and leather walls.

With all these opportunities to bring life, texture and colour to your walls you can really transform the feel, mood and functionality of your rooms, whether that’s a feature wall as part of a joinery installation or covering all the walls to create a cocoon like space. Walls will never be the same again!